Do you have trouble keeping good employees? Is your office a jumble of papers, messages unanswered etc.? Are your taxes being filed on time? They must be to eliminate large penalties and interest. Does this cause you stress and loss of productive time that could be used for your main business? Have you ever considered someone to come in and keep your office, paper work, etc on a professional basis?

If you can answer yes to any on the above questions, maybe I can help you.

I have 40 years of experience in office procedures. Although I can do most office jobs for a client, my emphasis is on organization, to achieve the most efficiency.

Noted that my hourly charges are more than what you might pay an employee, the results would be an efficient and well organized office, which in the long run would be less expensive.

Since my emphasis is on organization, I will organized your car, home, office, etc.

For more information and a Free consultation, please call 392-4575 or send me an email at ecarolt@mindspring.com.
Thanks,   Carol Taylor