Planters and Window Boxes

Select any of the models below and include any options you like.

Model AW2601
Length=26.5 ; width=8.25 ; height=7.25 (inches) weight=11 lbs, (with stand 15 lbs); material=Western Red Cedar; finish= painted white or unfinished
This planter as shown is 20.5 inches tall with stand. It has been finished with a white enable paint and is available painted or unpainted. It has a raised panel on one side for a classic appearance. Without the stand, it would make a beautiful window box or floor display. One standard 24 inch plastic liner or 4 individual 6 inch flower pots will easily fit into the opening.

Model NR2602
Length=26.5; width=8.25; height=7.25 (inches) ; weight=19 lbs; material= Western Red Cedar; finish=4 Natural rock panels with paint to match.
Of all the planters, I think this is the most inovative model. All the side panels are made of natural rocks and yet it is still easy to move because of the light weight. Just imagine what your patio would look like with these planters placed along the perimeter. Like all the planters, drainage holes are provided and you can easily put 4 potted plants within the opening. You can also use a standard plastic liner or no liner at all if you choose.

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