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Selection and Ordering Chart, 1996

Line # QTY ITEM WT. Per Unit Price Per Unit Total Cost
1 Model AW2601--As shown in picture with 1 side panel and stand 15 lbs $49.95--EA
2 Model NR2602 Natural Rock with 4 side panels as shown 19 lbs $64.95--EA
3 Model GT2603 Classic Planter with 1 side panel &Trim as shown 11 lbs $44.95--EA
4 Model RP2604 Natural Rock with 1 side panel as shown on short stand 16 lbs $59.95--EA
5 Model NW2605 Natural Wood Planter with 1 side panel 11 lbs $29.95--EA
6 Model 2050 Tall Stand Mount gives
planter total height of 20.5 inches
3.5 lbs $9.95--EA
7 Model 1500 Short Stand Mount gives planter a total height of 15 inches 3 lbs $8.95--EA
8 Model PNL2550 Standard Unfinished Raised Panel measuring 25.5 x 5.5 x 1 (inches) 2 lbs $9.95--EA
9 Model RKP2550 Standard Rock Panel measuring 25.5 x 5.5 x 1 (inches) 3 lbs $14.95--EA
10 Model WB26 Pair of Window Box support brackets. 2 lbs $8.95--PR

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