CSN Business Network


I'm sure most everyone has heard the quotation "If you have a better mouse trap, the world will beat a path to your door." I'm not sure about the correct wording, but in todays world, that's not good enough. Another quote could be "When people know you have a better mouse trap, they might beat a path to your door if". In other words , it takes more than a better mouse trap just to sell one, it takes a proven marketing plan.

Our parents and grandparents relied on word of mouth to sell their services or products. This is still a great way to market, because it allows one to develop personal relationships with the customers. Relationship is the key word here. Relationship is necessary in order to build trust and earning ones trust is what we all need to strive for.

The CSN Business Network is an organization of business people of different occupations and interests who meet on a regular basis to promote their business by building relationships with other members. All members are encouraged to help each other by exchanging business contact information with fellow members. We live in a competitive world and to succeed, we need to use all the marketing tools that are available.

At the end of the last century, we had the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Today, we are in the communication revolution. Our intention with the CSN Business Network, is to help our associates to achieve their goals through regular business meetings, special training classes, business referrals and special recongnitions. We can still remain independent, but as an organized group, we have more potential and a much greater resource for marketing our business.


1. Groups will meet weekly at a chosen location agreeable to the majority.
2. There will be a leader, an assistant, and a secretary and treasurer, all chosen by the majority.
3. Committees will be set up by the leader with the help of the group for the purpose of planning,
educating and helping other members.
4. A committee will be set up to qualify visitors for membership. Only one type of business
is allowed for each group. If there is a conflict, the committee can assign the visitor to a
new group.
5. Everyone is required to participate by sharing leads, working on committees, giving presentations
and etc.
6.Visitors will be allowed to visit 2 times before joining the organization.
7. If a member misses 3 consecutive times that member will become a non-member, however
a stand in replacement can attend in place of the member.
8. If a member wants to be transfered to another group his fee will be prorated based on his time
with the previous group.
9. Each member will have a listing in the Carolina Scene Magazine and a link to their web site
if they want one.
10. The CSN Network will make every effort to help each member use the Internet to market
their products and services.


1. Increase business contacts through building relationships.
2. Increase in profits due to more sales.
3. Win points by signing up new members.
4. Learn new and better methods of managing and planning from other team members.
5. Learn how to use the Internet to help your company.
6. Learn how to advertise in newspapers and publications at a fraction of what it normally cost.
7. All members can have their own web site address to put on their business cards,
ads and other publications.
8. Learn how to use computers and software to solve many common business problems.
9. Meet members from other CSN Network Groups.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the CSN Network, you can call
(704) 892-0830 or fill out the Online Form and please be sure to check the CSN Network
checkbox. To review the Carolina Scene Magazine go to the web site address: http://www.carolinascene.com