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For what its worth, maybe a few words, I've inserted a picture of myself.  Please
keep intouch and tell your friends about our magazine!  Thanks!  Gerald Robinson

One of the reasons that I wanted to do a magazine on the Internet was beause it would allow interactive response from people with similar interest. Being a native North Carolinian and growing up in a cotton mill village, I'm sure there are others that can relate to my background. Unfortunately, times change and people have to move on. The cotton mill village on the Catawba River is gone but, hopefully, not forgotten. In its place is the great body of water called Lake Norman.
This section is about the people of the Carolinas. If you have a story to tell, a photograph to show or a joke to share, we would like to here from you! History is important and if we don't take time to make a record of our past, it will soon be lost. Take some time to write down on paper some stories that your parents or grandparents have told you about life in the Carolinas. It could be anything relating to you or your ancestry. If you have historical photographs, we would like to know about them also. We will not publish any documents, unless approved by the originator.
You can send information by email or snail mail (regular mail). Our Address is: The Carolina Scene __PO Box 1332__ Cornelius, NC 28031.
Below are some links that you may find interesting about the Carolinas. If you know of other sites that would fit this directory, please let us know about them also!
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